Wine tasting

Wine tasting in a relaxed atmosphere

On site - wine tasting & guided tour at Château Vino de la Isla

At Château Vino de la Isla you have the opportunity to taste a variety of different wines in a very relaxed way at the wine dispenser. To do so, simply pick up your wine glass and your personal Château MemberCard at the entrance. You are welcome to keep this permanently. All sales you make at the Château will be booked to your MemberCard. This way you can go on a tasting tour without any worries and experience the taste of the whole island at only one place. A small tasting sip of 25 ml costs only 1 euro, a glass with 125 ml only 4 euros.

If you particularly like a wine , you are welcome to enjoy it by the bottle at the store price in our Château Lounge. And if you would also like to take selected wines to enjoy at home, we will put together your purchase for you behind the scenes while you make yourself comfortable in our lounge.

Delicious wine tasting with cheese, snacks or chocolate - from 6 persons

Try the best pairing of the island

Here at the Château, you can enjoy the combination of wine & cheese, wine & snacks or wine & chocolate with all your senses during a wine tasting that lasts about two and a half hours. Our oenologist will take you behind the scenes of our glass bodega and accompany you on a journey into the sensory world of wine. Be excited about the unique variety of flavors that Mallorca has in store for all connoisseurs.


Vino de la Isla wine tasting wine and cheese wine Mallorca

Wine & Cheese - The Classic

With five selected cheeses and five of our exclusive wines, we introduce you to the world of pleasure of the best wine-cheese pairings on the island. The wine tasting is accompanied by fresh bread and mineral water.

Duration: ca. 2,5h
Price: 45 Euro per person
From 6 persons

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Vino de la Isla wine tasting wine and snacks wine Mallorca

Wine & Snacks - Pure Indulgence

Accompanied by five wines from the smallest Mallorcan wineries on the island, you will dive into the world of wine enjoyment. We serve a hearty variation of cheese and ham, with olives, nuts, bread and mineral water. In this wine tasting you decide if you want to taste only white wine, rosado or red wine, or if you prefer to mix different styles of wine. We will arrange the wine tasting according to your wishes.

Duration: approx. 2,5h
Price: 39 Euro per person
From 6 persons

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Vino de la Isla wine tasting wine and chocolate wine Mallorca

Wine & Chocolate - Dark seduction

Wine and chocolate are two seductive opposites that magically attract each other and will flatter your palate. Enjoy the magic of two cultural assets and let us create a taste explosion for your palate - with five exquisite wines from our wine manufactory and five selected, fine chocolates.

Duration: ca. 2,5h
Price: 45 Euro per person
From 6 persons

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  • Guided tours + tasting up to 5 people without reservation
  • Pre-registration from 6 people
  • Small dishes, if desired also event cuisine
  • Registration: Contact form
  • Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 18:30
  • Highway / freeway Ma-15 Palma-Manacor, directly at exit 20
  • For larger groups, please inquire - we will be happy to make you an offer.

Online - order tasting package and taste comfortably at home

For your Mallorca feeling at home, we regularly create new Vino de la Isla tasting packages. Whether pure color Blanco, Rosado or Tinto packages, regional packages with different wines from a specific island region or selected food accompaniments to special dishes - there is something for every wine connoisseur.
Order your favorite package at a special price to your home and enjoy your own personal Mallorca vacation feeling with taste in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere.