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In Algaida (the name comes from the Arabic word al-gaida = "the forest") Mallorca shows itself in its most original form. You can still find extensive forest areas here.

Algaida is located in the center of the island. The temperatures in summer are high. The wind blowing steadily from the direction of Palma dries the vines, protecting them from pronounced infestation with mildew and other fungal diseases. Overall, the climate is very balanced, neither too wet nor too dry. The Randa mountain also has an effect on the local weather. Here, the one or other cloud sometimes hangs and rains down.

The soils are very diversified: In some areas they are fertile, while in others they are very poor. The richness of the wines from Algaida is accordingly pronounced

In Algaida is located the Château Vino de la Isla. There, a variety of wines from the smallest wineries in Mallorca are produced - artisan and in harmony with nature. During a visit to the Château, the wines from all regions of Mallorca can be tasted and thus experience the taste of the island. Purchasing at the Château is also possible at any time during opening hours.

According to archaeological findings, the municipality of Alcúdia has been inhabited since 2000 BC. Alcúdia is strategically located, so Roman troops founded the city of Pollença around 70 BC. In the Museu monogràfic de Pol-lèntia you can see findings from excavations of the ancient Roman city of Pol-lèntia. Alcúdia is known for its centuries-old city wall - parts of which are still preserved.

Alcúdia is located at the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains. Due to the proximity to the sea, there is a high humidity. The rainfall is above average. The soils in the municipality of Alcúdia are mostly very fertile.

The name Andratx was first mentioned in 1236. The town is famous for its festivals, which extend throughout the summer months. Starting with Sant Cristofol at the beginning of July, Verge del carme already follows in Port d'Andratx in mid-July. Sant Augusti, the name suggests, is celebrated in August. Finally, Nuestra Señora de la Trapa takes place at the beginning of September.
The Port d'Andratx harbor is impressive - it houses luxury class yachts. Magnificent villas have been built on the hillside near the port. A little outside, in Sant Elm, Sa Dragonera or in Camp de Mar, beautiful sandy beaches can be found.

The humidity in Andratx is high due to the proximity of the sea and the climate is generally warmer than in the northeast of the island. Agricultural land is found here only very sparsely. Most of them have been artificially terraced in the past. The soils in the terraced areas are deep and therefore have a high water storage capacity. This is very advantageous, since there is often less rainfall here than elsewhere on the island. The water can drain well into the depths and does not evaporate so quickly in the hot summer months. Also, the vines can and must root deeper to access water. This allows them to tap into different soil layers and thus produce expressive wines.

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