Vino de la Isla

Viticulture in harmony with nature

All VINO DE LA ISLA wines are produced in a natural and sustainable way. For example, no weed killers are used. Instead, the wild growth in the vineyard is hoed and plowed under. Thus, it serves at the same time as an ecologically valuable green manure.
Vineyards managed in a natural way result in a diverse ecosystem. All kinds of insects swarm around and keep each other in check. This is not only sustainable, but also gives every winemaker additional pleasure when working in the vineyard.
Wines made with love from the smallest wineries of Mallorca
Winemaker Henri Fink fulfills wine lovers' dreams of making their own wine on Mallorca by transforming parts of their private finca estates into small, professional quality vineyards. This results in wines with their own label in very limited quantities - often only a few hundred bottles of a vintage. Each bottle is lovingly handcrafted with high quality and represents a very special rarity.


All Vino de la Isla wines come from sustainable management of the smallest vineyards in Mallorca. In times when modern man knows more than ever about the interrelationships in nature, ecologically valuable and environmentally safe care measures in the vineyard should be the rule. According to our understanding of modern and sustainable viticulture, weed killers are a thing of the past. They are not even necessary. Instead, we hoe and plow under the wild growth in the vineyard. The weeds no longer compete with the vines for water and important nutrients, but also serve as ecologically valuable green manure. At the same time, this saves the industrially produced fertilizers. We also do not use any pesticides. Vineyards that are cultivated in a natural way represent a healthy and diverse ecosystem - with many different insects and small animals that keep each other in check. This creates a stable, ecologically healthy balance in the vineyard. Manual labor and the least possible interference with nature correspond to our understanding of constant environmental awareness.


We use consolidated transports, pay attention to short distances and purchase machines and services locally in the best possible way. This protects the environment and reduces costs.

Ecological balance

We practice near-natural agriculture with the least possible interference with nature, thus ensuring sustainably healthy soils and vines.

Careful use of resources

Even during a hot spell, we usually do not irrigate, even if this means a smaller harvest. This not only conserves the precious resource of water, but also leads to deeper root growth. This results in wines with character and finesse.


We do as much work as possible in the vineyard by hand. This protects the vines, protects the soil from excessive compaction and produces healthy, natural grapes. A gift of nature.

Manual harvest

The grapes of all Vino de la Isla wines are harvested by hand. Only man is able to pick the really best grapes. The higher the quality of the grapes, the more natural the wine.